Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ode To The Pharoah

 Trying to find words to describe what American Pharoah means to the sport of horse racing is like telling a kid to only pick one thing at the candy shop. He gave this sport a much needed shot in the arm, and gave even the most rigid handicappers goosebumps. The horse accomplished more than any horse probably ever will accomplish ever again. 

 American Pharoah has been a real gift to racing, and thanks to his generous connections for allowing him to prove to us just how incredibly great he was on Saturday Oct. 31st. American Pharoah is undoubtedly your 2015 Horse of the Year and Champion 3yr Old Male capping off an incredible career that saw him win such races as, the GR1 Del Mar Futurity, GR1 Frontrunner Stakes, GR1 Arkansas Derby, The Triple Crown, GR1 Haskell, and finally the Breeders Cup Classic to become racing's first Grand Slam winner. He proved to everyone that yes indeed the Triple Crown is possible you just have to be an extremely exceptional racehorse.

 He showed that sometimes great horses can get beat, but almost always they come back with a vengeance. He is arguably the greatest racehorse I will ever see in my lifetime, and I so wish he could come back for a 4 year old campaign, but that is not in the cards. What is in the cards though is for him to stand at Ashford Stud in Versallies Kentucky where he will probably stand for a fee north of $90,000 he will be given life fit for a king which he has without question earned. Only time will tell if his offspring with have half his heart or half his ability, but if they have that they will be spectacular on the racetrack.

 American Pharoah is the embodiment of everything you want to see in a great racehorse he has the perfect temperament, a wonderful, and downright beautiful way of going that makes you know you are in the presence of greatness. He made the impossible possible, and proved that yes greatness can come around in plain brown package with a short tail. This horse made everyone in and around horse racing a believer in something magical, and other worldly. He made us believe for a short while anything, and everything is possible.

  He is certainly worth his weight in gold at this point after capturing the Grand Slam, and adding a fourth jewel to his already impressive crown. He earned a remarkable $8.6 million dollars, in a race career that saw him head to post 11 times with him coming out victorious an even more amazing 9 times, whats even more amazing is 8 of his wins were Grade 1 Stakes. He will be mentioned with the likes of Secretariat, Citation, Zenyatta, and many others. In his final start he gave us what was arguably the greatest performance of his remarkable career he proved he belonged to be mentioned in the same sentence as the horses listed above. This is one horse who will never be forgotten giving this sport something that only comes around every 37 years.

 Most of all though Pharoah gave people hope. Hope for a better future, hope that one day there will be another like him, hope that we will see another Triple Crown champion, hope that even though you have been beaten you can return with a fiery vengeance, hope that maybe just maybe this sport wont die. American Pharoah has given so much to each and everyone of us that follows, and loves this sport there are simply not enough words to say what he means to racing. Here's to you Pharoah I sure am going to miss watching you grace the track with that majestic stride that moved mountains, we all love you Pharoah  your a once in a lifetime horse, and good luck in your next career.

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2015 Breeders Cup Results of the Top 5's

Friday's Results 

Juvenile Turf 

1st Hit It A Bomb (Ranked #5 on my top 5)
2nd Airoforce (Ranked #3 on my top 5)
3rd Birchwood (Ranked #2 on my top 5)
4th Conquest Daddyo  (unranked)

Other results:
1st ranked horse Rays The Bar finished 11th
4th ranked horse Shogun finished 10th

Winner Paid: $16.40 $9.40 $6.80
Place Paid: $4.40 $3.20
Show Paid: $11.20

Trifecta Paid: $1,471.00

Hit It A Bomb takes the 2015 Juvenile Turf
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Dirt Mile 

1st Liam's Map (Ranked #1 on my top 5)
2nd Lea (unranked)
3rd Red Vine (Ranked #5 on my top 5)
4th Wicked Strong (Ranked #3 on my top 5)

Other Results:
2nd ranked horse Tapiture finished 10th
4th ranked horse Valid finished 5th

Winner Paid: $3.00 $2.40 $2.10
Show Paid: $3.40

Liam's Map takes the 2015 Dirt Mile
Photo Courtesy of

Juvenile Fillies Turf 

1st Catch A Glimpse (Ranked #5 on my top 5)
2nd Alice Springs (unranked)
3rd Nemoralia (unranked)
4th Sapphire Kitten (unranked)

Other Results:
1st ranked horse Mirage finished 8th
2nd ranked horse Illuminate finished 6th
3rd ranked horse Last Waltz finished 10th
4th ranked horse Harmonize finished 7th

Winner Paid: $14.80 $7.00 $5.80

Catch A Glimpse takes the Juvenile Fillies Turf
Photo Courtesy of


1st Stopchargingmaria (unranked)
2nd Stellar Wind (ranked #5 on my top 5)
3rd Curlina (unranked)
4th Sheer Drama (ranked #1 on my top 5)

Other Results:
2nd ranked horse Wedding Toast finished 11th
3rd ranked horse Got Lucky finished 10th
4th ranked horse  I'm A Chatterbox finished 8th

Place Paid: $9.20 $6.60

Stopchargingmaria takes the 2015 Distaff
Photo Courtesy of

Friday Could've made: $1,576.70
playing WPS along with Trifectas

Saturday's Results 

Juvenile Fillies 

1st Songbird (ranked #1 on my top 5)
2nd Rachel's Valentina (ranked #2 on my top 5)
3rd Dothraki Queen (ranked #4 on my top 5)
4th Nickname (unranked)

Other Results
#3 ranked horse Tap To It finished 6th
#5 ranked horse Ma Can Do It finished 5th

Winner paid: $3.20 $2.40 $2.10
Place paid: $3.80 $3.40
Show paid: $5.80

Exacta paid: $13.40

Trifecta paid: $120

Songbird takes the 2015 Juvenile Fillies
photo courtesy of

Turf Sprint 

1st Mongolian Saturday (unranked)
2nd Lady Shipman (ranked #1 on my top 5) 
3rd Green Mask (ranked #5 on my top 5)
4th Bobby's Kitten (ranked #4 on my top 5) 

Other Results 
#2 ranked horse Undrafted finished 5th
#3 ranked horse Ready For Rye finished 7th

Place paid: $5.40 $4.60
Show paid: $5.40

Mongolian Saturday takes the Turf Sprint
photo courtesy of

Filly And Mare Sprint 

1st Wavell Aveune (unranked)
2nd La Verdad (ranked #4 on my top 5)
3rd Taris (unranked)
4th Cavorting (ranked #2 on my top 5)

Other Results 
#1 ranked horse Judy The Beauty finished 5th
#3 ranked horse Fioretti finished 13th
#5 ranked horse Artemis Agrotera  finished 14th

Place Paid: $8.00 $5.40
Wavell Avenue takes the 2015 Filly and Mare Sprint
photo courtesy of

Filly And Mare Turf 

1st Stephanie's Kitten (unranked)
2nd Legatissimo (#3 ranked horse)
3rd Queen's Jewel (#4 ranked horse)
4th Sentiero Italia (unranked) 

Other Results 
#1 ranked horse Secret Gesture finished 7th
#2 ranked horse Photo Call finished 5th
#5 ranked horse Bawina was scratched

Place Paid: $3.00 $2.60
Show Paid: $5.80
Stephanie's Kitten takes the 2015 Filly and Mare Turf
photo courtesy of


1st Runhappy (ranked #3 on my top 5)
2nd Private Zone (ranked #4 on my top 5)
3rd Favorite Tale (unranked)
4th Holy Boss (unranked)

Other Results 
#1 ranked horse Wild Dude finished 6th
#2 ranked horse Salutos Amigos finished 5th
#5 ranked horse Ivan Fallunovalot finished  9th

Winner Paid: $5.20 $3.40 $2.80
Place Paid: $4.20 $3.80

Exacta Paid: $24.40

Runhappy takes the 2015 Sprint
photo courtesy of


1st Tepin (#3 on my top 5)
2nd Mondialiste (#2 on my top 5)
3rd Grand Arch (#5 on my top 5)
4th Mshawish (unranked)

Other Results
#1 ranked Karakontie finished 11th
#4 ranked Tourist finished 8th

Winner Paid: $11.80 $5.20 $4.00
Place Paid: $13.60 $8.20
Show Paid: $6.20

Trifecta Paid: $1,077.80

Exacta Paid: $174.60

Tepin takes the 2015 Mile
photo courtesy of


1st Nyquist (#5 on my top 5)
2nd Swipe (unranked)
3rd Brody's Cause (#1 on my top 5)
4th Exaggerator (#2 on my top 5) 

Other Results 
#3 ranked Greenpointcrusader finished 7th
#4 ranked Cocked And Loaded finished 5th

Winner Paid: $11.40 $6.20 $4.00
Show Paid:  $5.00

Nyquist Takes the 2015 Juvenile
photo courtesy of Eric Kalet 


1st Found (ranked #3 on my top 5)
2nd Golden Horn (ranked #2 on my top 5)
3rd Big Blue Kitten (unranked)
4th Slumber (unranked)

Other Results 
#1 ranked The Pizza Man finished 5th
#5 ranked Twilight Eclipse finished 8th
#4 ranked Ordak Dan finished 9th

Winner Paid: $14.80 $7.80 $4.60
Place Paid: $2.60 $2.20

Exacta Paid: $42.80

Found takes the 2015 Turf
Photo courtesy of Wendy Wooley


1st American Pharoah (ranked #4 on my top 5)
2nd Effinex (ranked #5 on my top 5)
3rd Honor Code (ranked #3 on my top 5)
4th Keen Ice (ranked #2 on my top 5)

Other Results 
#1 ranked horse Tonalist finished 5th

Winner Paid: $3.40 $3.00 $2.40
Place Paid: $14.20 $6.60
Show Paid: $3.40

Super Hi 5 paid: $1,715.10

Superfecta Paid: $1,224.00

Trifecta Paid: $322.60

Exacta Paid:  $76.40
American Pharoah takes the 2015 Classic
Photo Courtesy of

Could've made: $5,022 

Playing exotics along with WPS 

Event total: $6,598.70 

Congratulations to all the connections of the 2015 Breeder Cup champions, and hopefully we will see some of them back next year for a title defence at Santa Anita Park! 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Breeders Cup Top 5's


1. #8 Wild Dude
Odds: 10-1
Very tough and consistent racehorse he'll be flying from the clouds on Saturday.

2. #10 Salutos Amigos
Odds: 12-1
Was arguably the best sprinter in the country at the beginning of the year, but a trip to Dubai seems to have set him back a bit. He looks as if he is rounding back into form, and I expect a big performance out of him on Saturday.

3. #5 Runhappy
Odds: 3-1
Freaky good three year old, but there is way to much pace in here for him to hold on. He is ultra freaky though and still will be in the top three regardless of pace.

4. #13 Private Zone
Odds: 5/2
He drew outside Runhappy which really helps him. He's the top sprinter in the country hands down, but I feel he is better at seven furlongs to a mile. There is also way to much speed in the Sprint this year for a front runner to win.

5. #6 Ivan Fallunovalot
Odds: 30-1
 Has been racking up wins at lesser known tracks, but don't let that be a deterrent he is one heck of a consistent racehorse, and one heck of a sprinter.

Longshot to watch: #2 Kobe's Back odds:15-1 Has some gate issues, but that may be to his benefit in here as the pace looks incredibly hot in here. 
Wild Dude
Photo Courtesy of

Turf Sprint

1. #5 Lady Shipman
loss to Ageless last out was not her fault. Looking for her to rebound in a big way here.

2. #3Undrafted
Super talented Wesley Ward runner that just missed second in this race last year. He has home track advantage.

3. #12 Ready For Rye
Odds: 10-1
 Post draw hurts him a little, but this is one very talented three year old that looks like he can hang with the big guys.

4. #2 Bobby's Kitten
Odds: 15-1
Looking for a repeat win here, and could very well get it if he doesn't run into to much traffic trouble.

5.#7 Green Mask
Odds: 15-1
 Home track advantage, and you can never discount Wesley Ward on the green.

Longshot to watch: #11 Marchman odds: 15-1 very tough turf sprinter who loves Keeneland.

Lady Shipman
Photo Courtesy


1. #7 Brodys Cause
Odds: 7/2
 His Claibourne Breeders Futurity win was to good to ignore not to mention he also got a brilliant win over the surface.

2. #9 Exaggerator
Odds: 6-1
Ran a good second last out to the top one, and I don't see him flipping the script.

3. #3 Greenpointcrusader
Odds: 4-1
Nice win in the Champagne last out. There is also a forecast for rain on Saturday which will only move him forward here.

4. #5 Cocked And Loaded
Odds: 12-1
Iroquois win was very impressive also was enhanced by Rated R Superstar's performance in the Claibourne Breeders Futurity.

5. #13 Nyquist
Odds: 9/2
 He looks beatable in here as his Frontrunner win was not impressive at all. He could move forward though in his second try around two turns.

Longshot to watch: #8 Tale Of S'avall odds: 30-1 didn't seem to handle the mud last out and should move forward on a fast track.

Brody's Cause
Photo Courtesy


1. #11 Karakontie
Odds: 12-1
 Looking for a repeat win in here, and he could very well get it. This is the one race that is most common for repeat wins so I'm leaning towards he gets the win here.

2. #4 Mondialiste
Odds: 15-1
 Woodbine Mile win was very impressive I dont see him regressing off that effort.

3. #7 Tepin
Odds: 12-1
 Filly taking on the boys and she really does belong with this group. She's shown she is a monster at a mile on the turf just look at her last out where she destroyed a very good group of turf fillies without even a deep breath.

4. #6 Tourist
Odds: 15-1
 He was widest of all last out, and he really should of won that day. Look for him to move forward here.

5. #1 Grand Arch
Odds: 15-1
 The one post doesn't help that much, but this horse loves Keeneland, and horses with the home track advantage are always dangerous.

Longshot to watch: #8 Obviously odds: 15-1 will control the pace in here. Ran a very game race in the Woodbine Mile could hold on in here if he doesn't get to wild on the lead.

Photo Courtesy 


1. #10 The Pizza Man
Odds: 15-1
 Simply adore this gelding, and his race over the surface last out showed he doesn't need to be at Arlington to compete with the best in the country. Now lets see where he stacks up against the best in the world.

2. #1 Golden Horn
Odds: 4/5
 Arc winners have historically not done well in the Turf, but he is simply to good of a horse to ignore in here.

3. #9 Found
Odds: 8-1
 Supremely talented filly that could very well spoil the Golden Horn party she's definitely up to the task.

4. #12 Ordak Dan
Odds: 30-1
 Argentine is in here with a big chance. They were pointing towards this race two years earlier, but an injury knocked him out. Looks like he'll get his chance to prove his talent in here.

5. #6 Twilight Eclipse
Odds: 20-1
 Hard knocking and consistent racehorse his last out he had absolutely nowhere to run if he can avoid traffic he could very well get the win here.

Longshot to watch: #5 Da Big Hoss odds: 30-1 could be any type it's very telling that they bypassed the Sycamore for a shot in here.
The Pizza Man
Photo Courtesy


1. #14 Sheer Drama
Odds: 9/2
Could very well be the best older mare minus Beholder of course.

2. #7 Wedding Toast
Odds: 4-1
 If she can repeat her Belmont form away from Belmont this Mare is going to be very very tough in here.

3. #12 Got Lucky
Odds: 6-1
 Showed she likes Keeneland, and has been on the improve this year.

4. #1 I'm a Chatterbox
Odds: 8-1
This filly is the most versatile of the bunch and can beat you from anywhere on the racetrack. She will be ultra tough in here.

5. #9 Stellar Wind
Odds: 12-1
Very talented daughter of Curlin is coming in here with little to no talk about her. She is incredibly talented, and though she lost in her only other start outside of California it was due to a very bad trip.

Longshot to watch: #15 Peace And War Odds: 30-1 Deep closing style could benefit from what looks like a very fast pace in here.

Sheer Drama
Photo Courtesy of

Juvenile Turf

1. #7 Rays The Bar
Odds: 20-1
 Should improve in second start on US Soil. You can never discount Chad Brown in a Gr1 on the grass.

2. #6 Birchwood
Odds: 12-1
 European that has been pretty consistent and looks like he fits in very well here.

3. #8 Airoforce
Odds: 4-1
American with a huge chance in here. His Bourbon Stakes was very impressive showed he could handle soft turf.

4. #4 Shogun
Odds: 12-1
 Irish bred that has yet to win a stake, but looks like he has the goods to take home the trophy here.

5. #14 Hit It A Bomb
Odds: 9/2
 Another Euro with a big chance Adian O' Brien wouldn't send them unless they had a major chance.

Longshot to watch: #12 Camelot Kitten odds: 15-1 Ran a game second last out in the Bourbon will improve in here. He may not win in here, but he is definetly one to watch out for in years to come.
photo courtesy 

Juvenile Fillies Turf

1. #13 Mirage
Odds: 30-1
 Should improve in second start on US soil.

2. #10 Illuminate
Odds: 9/2
 Very talented Euro. Suffered her first career defeat in the Chevely Park Stakes last out.

3. #14  Last Waltz
Odds: 20-1
 Irish bred that has yet to win a stake looks like she could have a big chance in here at a price.

4.#8  Harmonize
Odds: 7/2
 American in with a major chance. Looks like she could bring in another win in the Juvenile Fillies Turf for the Americans

5. #4 Catch A Glimpse
Odds: 5-1
 Her Natalma win was very impressive and I look for her only to improve in here.

Longshot to watch: #11 Pricedtoperfection odds: 20-1 very talented filly who had a rough trip last out and will improve.
Photo courtesy of

Juvenile Fillies

1. #10 Songbird
Odds: 7/5
 The post position only enhanced her chances. This one looks like she's pretty much unbeatable in here.

2. #9 Rachel's Valentina
Odds: 7/2
 Very talented daughter of Rachel Alexandra looks like she may just step out from under Mommy's shadow.

3. #2 Tap To It
Odds: 8-1
Extremely talented daughter of Tapit that is only going to get better around two turns.

4. #8 Dothraki Queen
Odds: 10-1
 Ran a game second last out over this track should improve in second try around two turns.

5. #4 Ma Can Do It
Odds: 30-1
Has yet to break her maiden, but she ran a very game third last out to Gomo in the Alcibiades. Should improve in her second try around two turns.

Longshot to watch: #4 Ma Can Do It odds: 30-1

Photo Courtesy 

Filly and Mare Turf

1.#12 Secret Gesture
Odds: 8-1
Should not have been DQed in the Beverly D. Very talented Euro who is taking her second shot at Breeders Cup glory.

2. #5 Photo Call
Odds: 12-1
Very good win last out in the Rodeo Drive. Looks like she could be the US' best hope.

3.  #3 Legatissimo
Odds: 8/5
 Very talented Euro with a big chance in here, has won her last two outs.

4. #6 Queen's Jewel
Odds: 12-1
 Ignore her last two she has a big chance in here. Freddie Head knows how to win Breeders Cups so this one is one you cannot ignore.

5. #10 Bawina
Odds: 15-1
 Another Euro with a big chance at a nice price as well.

Longshot to watch: #7 Watsdachances odds: 20-1 very consistent mare that always fires.
Secret Gesture
photo courtesy 

Filly and Mare Sprint

1.  #11 Judy The Beauty
Odds: 6-1
 Looking for a repeat win in here. She loves Keeneland and her last out loss was not her fault she simply had no where to go. She should rebound in here with no problem.

2. #14 Cavorting
Odds: 3-1
 Is plain and simple on a roll, and could very well keep that roll going in here.

3. #1 Fioretti
Odds: 30-1
 The 1 post hurts a little, but her TCA win was one you cannot ignore she's got a big chance in here.

4. #4 La Verdad
Odds: 6-1
 Most people aren't going to like the one week turn around, but I love it their little rating experiment paid off, and La Verdad showed she can actually rate which is a huge plus for her in here.

5. #5 Artemis Agrotera
Odds: 20-1
Was the best filly sprinter in America last year, but for come reason unknown she couldn't convert in the Breeders Cup last year. She hasn't run since, and her works have shown she is rounding back into form she has a big chance to topple the apple cart at a very nice price.

Longshot to watch: #5 Artemis Agrotera odds: 20-1

Judy The Beauty
Photo Courtesy of

Dirt Mile

1. #3 Liam's Map
Odds: 1-1
 Still think he should of gone in the Classic, but they opt for the easier option, and the one that's most likely going to get them paid.

2. #9 Tapiture
Odds: 10-1
 Ran lights out in last years Dirt Mile he could very well reel in Liam's Map late if he's ready to roll.

3. #8 Wicked Strong
Odds: 5-1
 They definitely made the right choice here in putting him in the Dirt Mile. His tactical ability should put him in perfect position to pounce on Liam's Map.

4. #10 Valid
Odds: 10-1
 Tough and consistent old campaigner, has spent the summer in Florida over the quirky track at Gulfstream, that should set him up for a big performance here.

5. #1 Red Vine
Odds: 6-1
 Ran a very good second last out to Appealing Tale not to mention he finished ahead of Honor Code.

Longshot to watch: #4 Mr.Z odds: 50-1 tough Iorn horse who will love the flat mile on the dirt.

Liam's Map
Photo Courtesy of


1. #1 Tonalist
Odds: 6-1
The way he's been training points to a big performance here. He's already spoiled the bid for a Triple Crown once now lets see if can spoil the Bid for a Grand Slam.

2. #2 Keen Ice
Odds: 12-1
 Has been making steady improvement every time he touches the track. He has a huge chance here and at a very nice price.

3. #9 Honor Code
Odds: 6-1
 Has never in his career lost two races in a row which bodes well for his chances here, ignore his last out because he was way to far back.

4.  #4 American Pharoah
Odds: 6/5
Can't knock a Triple Crown winner trying for a historical grand slam, but I can't help but notice his two worst performances were at a mile and a quarter.

5.#6 Effinex
The pick up of Mike Smith will only help him. Not to mention his best races have been at a mile and a quarter and if anyone knows how to train an upsetter its going to be Jimmy Jerkins.

Longshot to watch: #6 Effinex odds: 30-1
photo courtesy of

Sunday, October 25, 2015

What a Sight to Behold

Photo Courtesy of Horse Racing Nation

Beholder has developed into one of the greatest mares of modern times with earnings of $4.4 million dollars, and 15 wins in her remarkable career including 9 grade one stakes victories and 2 Breeders Cup wins. Even more remarkable then her stellar race record is a list of horses she has beaten, and not just beaten, but thoroughly embarrassed most of the time. The list includes millionaires multiple grade one winners, and horses that were undefeated. Here is the amazing list of horses Beholder has conquered there are plenty others, but these are the ones that really stand out.

Royal Delta- 2 time Breeders Cup Distaff winner also won the Gr.1 Alabama earned $4.8 million in her remarkable career.

Princess of Sylmar- Kentucky Oaks, Alabama, CCA Oaks, Beldame, and earner of just over 2 million dollars in her career.

Close Hatches- Mother Goose, Cotillion, Apple Blossom, Ogden Phipps, and Personal Ensign Stakes winner and earner of $2.7 million in her career.

FiftyShadesOfHay- multiple graded stakes winner and earner of just over 1 million dollars.

Executiveprivilege- was undefeated until Beholder beat her in the Breeders Cup Juvenile Fillies in 2012 she won such stakes as the Sorrento, Del Mar Debutante, and the Chandelier she would make close to a million dollars in her career.

Include Me Out- Multiple graded stakes winner and earner of $956,530

Authenticity- Multiple graded stakes winner and earner of $883,362

Joyful Victory- Multiple Graded Stakes winner and earner of $1.2 million dollars

Iotapa-Multiple Graded Stakes winner and earner of just over a million dollars

Warren's Veneda-Multiple Graded Stakes winner and earner of $931,862  

My Sweet Addiction-Grade one stakes winner and earner of $408,106  

Catch a Flight-Multiple Graded stakes winning stallion with earnings of $773,239  

Red Vine- Multiple Graded Stakes placed stallion who just beat Honor Code last out. Earnings of $565,715  

Hoppertunity-Multiple Graded stakes winning Stallion with earnings of $1.4 million dollars

Imperative- won the Charles Town Classic a few years ago over Game On Dude. This gelding has earned $1.6 million dollars in his career

Hard Aces- won the Gold Cup at Santa Anita and has earned $592,645 in his career 

 Bayern- Won the Breeders Cup Classic, Haskell, Pennslyvania Derby, and Woody Stephans Stakes. Has earned $4.4 million in his career
Dreaming Of Julia- Was undefeated till Beholder beat her in the Juvenile Fillies of 2012. She won the Gr1 Frizette, and the Gr2 Gulfstream Park Oaks she earned $874,500 in her career. 

Unlimited Budget- Was undefeated until the Gr1 Kentucky Oaks. She won the Gr2 Demoiselle, Gr3 Rachel Alexandra Stakes, and the Gr2 Fairgrounds Oaks. She earned $758,837 in her career. 

Midnight Lucky- Was undefeated until the Gr1 Kentucky Oaks. She won the Sunland Park Oaks, and the Gr1 Acorn, and Humana Distaff. She earned $565,022 in her career.

Kauai Katie- was undefeated until Beholder beat her in the Juvenile Fillies in 2012. She was a multiple graded stakes winner and earner of $716,500. 

That's 20 individual graded stakes winners she has conquered that is one remarkable feat. Among them are horses that have beaten Game On Dude, California Chrome, Shared Belief, and many others. Whether or not Beholder wins the Classic she certainly has nothing left to prove she  already has her place in history as the first female to win the Pacific Classic. If she captures the Classic though she will add her to name alongside Zenyatta as the only females to win the Classic. Many greats have tried including Azeri, and Havre De Grace they both couldn't pull it off. Beholder certainly seems up to the challenge, and I look forward to seeing what else is in store for this incredibly remarkable mare.  

Beholder's 2012 Breeders Cup Juvenile Fillies victory 

Beholder's 2013 Breeders Cup Distaff 

Beholder's amazing 2015 victory in the Pacific Classic over males.